Glossary of Cadet Terms

ChitMedical Advice Card outlining any treatment or limitation required by a cadet
ChittingRefers to use of a Medical Advice Card to malinger
DullyFirst year cadet
E&D’edDisciplinary action in relation to certain unacceptable behaviour
Grey manA cadet whose performance (either negative or positive) does not come to the attention of staff
JackingA perceived display of disloyalty, including informing on a fellow cadet
Over the hillReference to RMC Duntroon which is located over a spur line of Mount Pleasant that separates ADFA and RMC Duntroon
Crossing the RoadInvolving staff to sort out a cadet problem or issue
FrattingFraternising, generally on an intimate level, with another cadet in a cadet’s room
The LinesThe group of accommodation buildings where cadets live
Sick ParadeThe daily military formation at which individuals report to the medical officer as sick