Acronyms and Abbreviations

ADFAAustralian Defence Force Academy
ADFAustralian Defence Force


Academy Military Education and Training
ARAAustralian Regular Army
ASOADFA Standing Orders
BORBoard of Review
CadetTerm used to refer to midshipmen and officer cadets at ADFA
CDFChief of Defence Force
CIChief Instructor
COCommanding Officer
Div (Division)A management grouping of up to 47 cadets based on accommodation allocation (each accommodation has 48 rooms, with one used as an office)
DODivisional Officer
DNCODivisional Non Commissioned Officer
DSNCODivisional Senior Non Commissioned Officer
DSPPRDirectorate of Strategic Personnel Policy Research
DWIntelDirectorate of Workforce Intelligence
E and DEquity and Diversity
EYBOREnd of Year Board of Review
FBORFortnightly Board of Review
Go8Group of Eight – Coalition of leading Australian Universities
IGADFInspector General Australian Defence Force
MYBORMid Year Board of Review
NCONon Commissioned Officer
NEOCNew Entry Officer Course
NGNNew Generation Navy
NOYONavy Officer Year One
NUSNational Union of Students
OSBOfficer Selection Board
PTIPhysical Training Instructor
RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RANRoyal Australian Navy
RMCRoyal Military College
SEQSexual Experience Questionnaire
SNCOSenior Non Commissioned Officer
Sponsor FamiliesCanberra-based families that volunteer to support first year cadets
SquadronGroup comprised of four to five Divisions
SSMSquadron Sergeant Major
SSTSingle Service Training
Tri-ServiceThe Three Services that make up the Australian Defence Force – Navy, Army and Air Force
UNSWUniversity of New South Wales
VCDFVice Chief of Defence Force
VECAVoluntary Extra Curricular Activity
YOFTYear One Familiarisation Training
XOExecutive Officer


Other Reviews Referred to in the Report

Report of the Review into Polices and Practices to Deal with Sexual Harassment at the Australian Defence Force Academy, 1998 – Grey Review

Inquiry into the Learning Culture in ADF Schools and Training Establishments, 2006 – Podger Review

Review of the Australian Defence Force Academy Military Organisation and Culture, 2010 – Kafer Review