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Planning ahead

Age Discrimination
Older parents with their children and grandchildren

The Australian Human Rights Commission has produced a range of educational resources to raise awareness about the importance of planning ahead for later life. 

The focus of our Have You Thought About Later Life? campaign is to provide resources in English and five community languages to support Australians to have these conversations. 

About planning ahead for later life

Future planning empowers older people to have choice and control over their senior years and provides peace of mind for them and their loved ones. It involves thinking about and then talking to those you trust about your future healthcare, financial and lifestyle choices.

Planning ahead maximises your opportunity to live and enjoy your later years the way you want and helps those around you understand your wishes and how best to support you. Making plans can safeguard your rights in the future, reduce family stress and conflict, and even protect you against elder abuse.

For more information and links to the Commission’s other elder abuse resources, go to our Elder Abuse webpage.

Resources to help you plan ahead

The Commission’s free Planning Ahead for Later Life resources for sharing with your community include:

These resources are currently available in six languages: 

Preventing elder abuse

The Commission continues to work closely with key stakeholders to prevent and raise awareness of elder abuse. The Commission encourages all Australians to safeguard their rights by planning ahead.

More information


Contact information

If you are concerned about elder abuse and want the opportunity to talk to someone about your concerns and options for getting help call: 

  • 1800 ELDERHelp (1800 353 374) - the National Elder Abuse phone line. 
  • 1800 ELDERHelp automatically redirects callers seeking information or advice on elder abuse to their state or territory phone line service.
  • If you require assistance in an emergency or life-threatening situation, contact 000.