Submissions for Phase Two: Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force

Written submissions sought in Phase Two related to the following aspects of the project Terms of Reference:

  • The effectiveness of cultural change strategies recommended by the Chief of the Defence Force Women’s Reference Group in the Women’s Action Plan including the implementation of these strategies across the Australian Defence Force

  • Measures and initiatives required to improve the pathways for increased representation of women into the senior ranks and leadership of the Australian Defence Force, and

  • Any other matters incidental to the Terms of Reference, such as sexual harassment, sexual abuse and unacceptable behaviour.

Below is a list of submissions received in Phase Two.

Review reports are available on this website.

Note: Confidential submissions are not listed here.

Disclaimer: The Australian Human Rights Commission reserves the right to edit submissions, where appropriate, in order to protect the identity of third parties, or where otherwise appropriate. The submissions may contain errors. They do not represent the views of the Commission.

  1. Margaret Sorial
  2. Leonie Christopherson AM
  3. Phillip Palmer
  4. Kevin Davies
  5. Major USA Retired
  6. Brian Swan
  7. Theodore Drew
  8. Renee Brush
  9. S Lau
  10. Civil Liberties Australian Inc
  11. Commonwealth Ombudsman
  12. Name Withheld
  13. Jenny Christakos
  14. Helen Prendergast
  15. Adair Donaldson
  16. Janet Crews
  17. Olivia Brown
  18. Julie Simes-Phillipps
  19. GMDO-Australia Ltd
  20. A J Turner
  21. Leonie Moore
  22. Ellissa Smith
  23. VicHealth
  24. Elaine Egan
  25. Jennifer Heymans
  26. Alesha Rollinson
  27. AB Bacigalupo
  28. Rebekah Hedges
  29. X-Soldier name withheld
  30. Craig M
  31. Jessica Ward
  32. Timothy Coffey
  33. Bradley Close
  34. Andrew Carven