Submissions for Phase One: Treatment of Women in the Australian Defence Force Academy

Written submissions sought in Phase One related to the following aspects of the project Terms of Reference:

  • The treatment of women at the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) with a particular focus on the adequacy and appropriateness of measures to: promote gender equality, ensure women’s safety, and to address and prevent sexual harassment and abuse, and sex discrimination, and
  • Initiatives required to drive cultural change in the treatment of women at ADFA, including the adequacy and effectiveness of existing initiatives and of approaches to training, education, mentoring and development.

Below is a list of submissions received in Phase One.

Review reports are available on this website.

Note: Confidential submissions are not listed here.

Disclaimer: The Australian Human Rights Commission reserves the right to edit submissions, where appropriate, in order to protect the identity of third parties, or where otherwise appropriate. The submissions may contain errors. They do not represent the views of the Commission.

  1. Haneka
  2. Aroha Liebhart
  3. Miquela Riley
  4. LEUT Kristen Russo
  5. Karra White
  6. LEUT Jennifer Anne Parker
  7. Alison Lee
  8. Annabel Szekely
  9. Alyssa Burnham
  10. Michael Bannerman
  11. Wendy Hamilton
  12. Helen Berryman
  13. Melissa Healy
  14. Anonymous
  15. Danielle Lewin
  16. Jacqueline Kenyon
  17. SBLT Jessica Cusumano
  18. Cavin Wilson
  19. Mark Drummond
  20. Naomi Brooks
  21. Karen Orre
  22. Michael Dowsett
  23. Colonel Paul Petersen
  24. Andrew Podger, Cath Harris and Roger Powell