Since July 2014, the Commission has been engaged by the Australian Defence Force in a collaborative relationship to assist the military embed cultural reform across the three services.

The Commission examines issues around gender, race and diversity, sexual orientation and gender identity and the impact of alcohol and social media on the cultural reform process. Some recent examples include projects on Army training establishments and improving the representation of women in male-dominated environments. 

Current work

Sex Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins in front of a RAAF jet

In consultation with Defence, the Commission has developed a work program, which includes a range of visits to bases and some longer-term projects. Visits to bases involve:

  • Discussions with Command

  • Interviews and focus groups with personnel, and

  • Analysis of data and some observation of activities.

Personnel are encouraged to participate openly and frankly with the Commission to ensure that the visit is tailored to their needs and experiences, and to maximise the benefits of collaboration.